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Are You Smarter Than a Sixth Grader?

I taught sixth grade math for several years, so I will format these questions at that level. I believe the average…

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Shows & Topics

The New Sexual Revolution

The New Sexual RevolutionOr (if you’re not comfortable putting that in the letter home)Abstinence Is Cool More and more teens…

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What Others Say

What Others Say: Where Keith has been, what he’s done.

Where Keith has been, what he’s done.

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Serious Comedy

Keith uses comedy to go where others fear to tread!

Keith uses comedy to go where others fear to tread! His intimate knowledge of youth culture and years of experience…

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Abstinence Education Works

Teen Pregnancy Rate Slashed

Washington, DC – Members of the National Abstinence Education Association congratulate Georgia educators and parents on the tremendous success of…

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Fighting Back Book

Fighting Back Book
Fighting Back Book
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Virginity Rocks

Shows and Topics

The New Sexual Revolution

     Or (if you’re not comfortable putting that in the letter home)
Abstinence Is Cool

     More and more teens across the nation are revolting against the idea that they must date or have sex to be “cool” or “in”. Keith will take this topic head on with audience interaction, humor, energy, and facts. Keith will empower your teens to join in the New Sexual Revolution: abstinence until marriage and a fulfilling sex life afterwards. Keith will also conduct a workshop with community parents and guardians based on his book, Fighting Back: How to promote abstinence in a sex saturated world. Keith has developed a system that always leads to strong parent turnout at his evening workshops.

     Though Keith’s show is unique, it does conform to title V guidelines. Keith uses his trademark comedy and high energy to show the social, psychological, and health gains that abstinence from sex includes. He also makes it clear that abstinence is the only CERTAIN way to avoid pregnancy and STDs. He uses audience interaction to show where peer pressure comes from and how to beat it. Keith shows how love and sex are not the same thing. He ends upbeat by illustrating that those choosing not to have sex are the true rebels.

Student Assembly/Parent Workshop Combo

     Student Assembly/Parent Workshop Combo: Bring Keith in to perform for multiple schools and audiences in your area and also present Fighting Back: How to promote abstinence in a sex saturated world, to area parents in the evening at a central location. His workshop gives parents simple strategies they can use to help their child deal with the sex-saturated environment they live in. Keith also “clues them in” to what is actually occurring in teen culture as opposed to what they believe is occurring. He moves parents from denial to defense. Keith has been a pioneer at taking the abstinence movement to parents and has even developed a system for increasing parent turnout. His interactive CD Rom, The Complete Parent Workshop Kit, is being used by organizations throughout the country to promote parent events. Community parents will be grateful you brought him in!

Labels Lie

     Keith challenges the youth and adults in the audience to seriously contemplate how they view one another. This show is great if you’re having a problem with cliques, racism, or staff infighting. Keith tells the true story of how he judged a fellow soldier during Army Airborne training. The audience will roll with laughter as he acts out the story. They will also learn how a wonderful friendship was formed after Keith changed his prejudice attitudes. "Labels Lie" is about acceptance, making new friends by reaching out, and encouraging the audience to stop judging one another by outward appearance, speech, or economic status.

Why Bully?

     Keith tells the story of how he stayed back in third grade and struggled through school. He talks about how he was picked on and excluded and how he overcame and did not except the bullies “verdict.” Keith talks about trash throwing and trash catching, haters and hate catching. He takes the unusual approach of addressing the mindset of the catcher as well as the thrower. He will inspire those that have been bullied and force the bullies to take a harsh look at why they do what they do. The students who have “caught it” because they learn differently or struggle academically and socially will come away especially inspired.

Don’t Be Stupid

     Using his customary interaction and “in your face delivery” Keith will bring home the harsh realities of drug and alcohol use. Using his experience as a Military Police Officer, Keith, will stage a “traffic stop” in front of his audience. This will end up with a “suspect” handcuffed face down on the “side of the road”. The students will be forced to acknowledge the incredible risks they take when experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Keith will graphically dismantle the idea that “It won’t happen to me” and make the negative consequences real.


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keith deltano

“Wow! To hold 1200 students’ attention for more than an hour is not only a testimony to your abilities as a speaker, it is also a testimony to the idea that kids want someone to tell them that it is OK to take a stand for what is right.”

— Dr. Mickey McNeill
Southeast Whitfield County High School
Dalton, GA

Keith deltano
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